At times, replacing an HVAC system is more cost effective than repairing. McCarl’s Preferred Services will install a new unit that fits system requirements. We can also evaluate and recommend ways to either change or upgrade current systems to decrease operating expenses.

Our Customers Reviews

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I must take the time to thank you, McCarl’s and especially your mechanical tech CJ for the excellent service we received this past week. Our furnace went out and I contacted you with my problem and you had a mechanic respond the same day per my request. This is so not the case anymore with companies.

CJ arrived on time and with a friendly smile and a professional attitude. I especially liked the fact that he went right to work and did not delay in focusing on the problem. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his attitude and approach towards his craft. He immediately diagnosed the problem and directly zeroed in on what it would take to make the repairs. He located the parts required to effect the repairs. He briefed me completely on what, when, where and how the repairs would be completed. In addition he found additional problems with the furnaces operation and rectified those as well. It now operates much more efficiently.

Both you and he are men of your word as you had the repairs made when the parts were located as stated. This is not the norm any longer as I have found, sad to say. So, please know that from this day onward McCarl’s will be my first and only call for repairs. I am most impressed with CJ as your tech. This is a direct reflection on your technical ability with your craftsmen and your supervisory talents as well. These techs don’t perform like this without the support of a good supervisor. If your personnel aren’t happy with their jobs, it’s usually because of supervisory problems. You have none of that. Congrats to you!

Once again, I thank you and you staff for the excellent response and repairs made to our furnace problems.

Jim H.