JW Aluminum

Centre Learning Community Charter School – Before and After

This client experienced reoccurring issues due to their HVAC equipment being old and outdated. They were also having issues with uneven temperatures throughout various rooms. We installed four new split-systems, as well as two new packaged rooftop units, had gas lines installed to the new rooftop units, and installed a zoning system to help each room have control of its own temperature. The procurement process went very smoothly, as both CLC and our firm are a part of COSTARS.


This manufacturing facility was challenged with the ability to keep their main production floor warm. They were also having problems with negative air pressure, as they had exhaust fans running but not enough makeup air coming into the space. We installed four new air-turnover units that are a great fit for a large manufacturing space. The units move a large amount of air and have kept the space at warm, comfortable temperatures for their employees. 

First Lutheran Church

Indoor air quality was of most importance for this church. To help with this we installed UV lights and ION generators, mini-split UV lights, new filters, a new packaged rooftop unit with a new economizer and exhaust fans. Along with this, we also implemented a quarterly planned maintenance proposal that was geared specifically for this facility that will help increase the life of the equipment and decrease operational costs.